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About Us

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Why Energised Personal Training is a great option for you

We guarantee we can offer you the right training to meet your needs, whether it be:

Increasing muscle strength and mass

Lifting form and technique

Weight loss and body fat reduction

Posture alignment, reshaping and mobility

Boxing, kick boxing and advanced pad work 

Diet and nutrition

Cardiovascular endurance and recovery

Enjoyable, fun and energising training sessions

Pre and post natal specific training

If you are after something else, just ask to see if we can help.

Benefits of having a Personal Trainer

The role of a personal trainer is to help you achieve individual fitness goals and to provide you with motivation, results and personal attention. 

What does a Personal Trainer bring to the table? 

  • Passion

  • Motivation

  • Discipline

  • Experience

  • Knowledge

  • Variety

  • Results

  • Fun


You will attain a higher level of motivation giving an increased effort during training, obtaining faster results. 

You will have great health and fitness benefits as you will have access to vast knowledge on human anatomy and physiology.

You will receive regular assessments, enabling you to track your progress towards your goals.

Your program will be closely monitored and kept fresh to avoid plateau and prevent boredom. 

You will receive help with goal setting and resetting of goals on attainment.

You will have greater enjoyment and a higher level of safety. 

Your program will be designed individually and specifically for you, catered to your needs and goals. 




By appointment 


31 Porter Place




pH: (03) 9264381

Cell: Regan; 0221667793 Jo: 0221668184

Email: info@energisedpt.co.nz


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