Energised ladies boot camp style program

  • This option has video demos and explanations of each set of exercises (sorry video explanation and written slides don't match, follow written slides for guide on how many reps to do)

  • Follow along and pause when needed.

  • You will needs a set of dumbbells about 5kg and some space.


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Summer Sculptor Package

Normally: 12 weekly payments of $100 

OR 1 payment of $1200

10% discount before 13th October:

12 weekly payments of
$90 or 1 payment of $1080

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8 Week Boot Camp Pack
Upfront total payment 90

(This payment will secure your place on the Boot Camp each week, must be paid prior to the first training, otherwise it will be 15/boot camp)

 OR Pay on the day, 15.00 cash per boot camp.

Contact us for availability as numbers are limited.


Call or text 022 166 7793

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City2Surf Energised team & 8 week boot camp pack bundle deal

Upfront total payment 115

What better way to prepare yourself and meet some of the Energised city2surf team by join our Saturday boot camps, you will get 5 boot camps in before completing the City2surf.

Please contact us for availability as numbers are limited

Call or text 022 166 7793

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Energised ladies cardio TBT challenge

(Tum, Bum and Thighs)


  • Click on the image of program to see better, you should be able to click on links of utube videos to watch demos.

  • Bodyweight exercises.

  • You will need some sort of step for step ups.

  • Make sure you warm up, perform some active stretches and cool down static stretches to finish. If you are short on time, just choose which sections 1,2, 3, or 4 you have time for. 

  • FEEDBACK please ladies! 

  • I've just put this together quickly for you, we are working on online training options and having a play with what works and what doesn’t. I certainly know this is not perfect. Let me know what you love, and what you don’t like about this program and the way it is presented. Love positive and negative feedback to help make our business a success.  

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