Great glute getter guide

Your glutes are one of the largest muscle groups within your body, and play an important role in strength, stability and alignment of your body for everyday life. 

They are made up of 3 muscle components each of which play a vital role in the function of your body therefore it is vital to include exercises that target all three muscles for maximum effect. 

In this day and age it is common to have inactive glutes from factors such as sitting a lot and/or pregnancy. It may also be likely that you don’t feel your glutes when you perform some exercises and your hamstrings or lower back takes over, therefore you will benefit from some dynamic movements and focused glute activation movements so your glutes fire correctly. This will help you to get benefit from the exercises you do prior to your workouts such as prone glute activations and/or glute bridges. This also helps to relax your overactive hip flexors.To get your glutes firing again you also need to make sure you stretch and loosen any tight muscles surrounding the pelvis by performing dynamic stretches and foam rolling tight areas.