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Group Postnatal Recovery eight week Program

Are you local to Kaiapoi, North Canterbury and recently had a baby? Re-energised ladies group postnatal recovery program is just what you need to safely and effectively recover your body after pregnancy and birth. It is an eight week  run each school term throughout the year. The next round  starts on Wednesday 14th February at 10am.

It is a progressive weekly exercise program especially for postnatal ladies (from as early as four weeks postpartum up to one year) recovering from the significant changes that pregnancy labour and birth bring to your body. The program will support, educate and promote your safe return to full function, exercise and wellness in a small group environment enabling connection with other like minded Mums like yourself. 

This is a valuable resource for Mums in our community to Re-energise your life, rehabilitate and restore your core, pelvic floor and fully body function after pregnancy in a safe, affordable, interactive and achievable way.

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By taking part in this program you will

  • Improve your core strength and pelvic floor function

  • Reduce any aches and pains you may have

  • Improve your posture

  • Increase your cardiovascular fitness

  • Increase your overall strength

  • Improve form and technique with exercise movements

  • Be included in a community of like minded ladies

  • Receive access to my Online Re-energised Postnatal Recovery Program

  • And much more…

The sessions

Each session include education and support regarding your postnatal core, pelvic floor and body. Sessions will include mobiliy, breathing, pelvic floor and deep core connection and Mum focused strength exercises. They will progress in difficulty and intensity as you become more familiar with the movements and techniques and increase your strength. Initially we will mainly use body weight movements and progress later on to use some equipment.

The sessions will be low impact, however most exercises can be modified, so if you are struggling with anything please let me know and I can guide you on modifications and progressions for more challenge. For optimal results I recommend you take advantage of the huge bonus I’ve added and follow along sessions online at home with FREE access to my online program valued at 179.95 alone.

The location

This term I am trialling a local indoor location at the Kaiapoi Community Centre, Mill room (same building as the Plunket rooms, but entry from the other end of the building). 24 Sewell Street, Kaiapoi.

This is a carpeted room, exercise mats +/- equipment required will be provided and chairs are available for feeding babies etc as required. 

Bathroom facilities, air-conditioning/heating and ample street parking is all available. 

The time

1 x/week for 8 weeks, Wednesdays 10am from the 14th February until 3rd April. 

I have allowed 1 hour for the group to allow a chat, follow-ups, questions etc after the session and of course for you to attend to your babies as required if they come along to the sessions which they are welcome to under your supervision).

Sessions are semi formal, I encourage interaction, questions and expect babies to either be included/interrupt etc. 


Hey there, I'm Jo!

I’m a postpartum nurse, pregnancy and postnatal personal trainer, and a mum just like you. When I gave birth to my babies, no one told me what my body would go through postpartum! I began doing my own research about recovering from birth because I wanted to do everything I could to support my body to heal properly. When I began learning about pelvic floor health, I asked myself, “Why didn’t anyone tell me this?” 


As a postpartum nurse who works with women recovering from birth, I’ve realised that I wasn’t alone in my struggle to return to “normal”. It’s just something that hardly anyone talks about! Now I’ve made it my mission to share what I’ve learnt through working with postpartum women as a nurse and personal trainer. Because implementing some simple exercises can help you avoid long-term complications from birth. I know it can be hard to set aside time to exercise when you’ve got a little one, but it's so important to take that time for yourself. After all, your wellbeing is worth investing in! 

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Cost and Payment

This program includes;

  • An online pre-screen assessment (so I know a bit more about you and can provide the correct generic advice for the group to include each person’s situation),

  • Your weekly small group session

  • FREE Online access to my Re-energised Postnatal Recovery Program full of resources and progressive exercise videos to follow along with at home for consistency and best results. (Valued at 179.95)

  • Contact with me anytime via email, phone or after the sessions to answer any of your questions/concerns.

  • Nutritional tips and guidance


You get all of this for 8 weekly payments of $19.95 via our website through paypal, once you have set up the payment your spot will be confirmed for the full 8 weeks, spaces are limited to only six ladies, so don’t delay your booking. Payments will not be cancelled or refunded if you change your mind or miss a session, this is to encourage accountability to help you achieve your goals and get the most out of the program. You will still have access to the online program for a total of six months, your value for money is incredible!

In the unlikely event that I am unavailable for any reason and have to cancel a session, I will extend the program by a week. You will still be able to complete a session online, keep your booking with yourself or better still arrange to meet your new friends for a walk or exercise session together.

Your babies are welcome to these sessions, however I do want to reiterate that your children are still ultimately your responsibility to supervise and care for. I will try to accommodate them into our sessions as much as I can and have taken measures to reduce any risks of injury. 

Here's what a few postpartum mums have to say about the program...

I have loved learning safe exercises I can do at home.

It's been great to be able to commit to 1 hour per week where I could get out and focus on 'me' and come away after each session feeling refreshed and energised!

I feel stronger, more flexible and motivated to carry on with regular strength and cardio training

I've learned techniques that will help keep me safe, eg breathing to protect the pelvic floor

Exceeded my expectations!

The stretches that were easy to do and helped body feel so much better after doing them.

I have less aches and pains, more confident getting back into exercise with the knowledge I won't be overdoing it.

Liked how it was easy to work around bubs and if I felt I missed stuff then knowing I could catch up online.

The size of the group was great,I can follow videos and general exercises but to be given feedback in the moment about what to focus on or corrections was most helpful!

Stronger core and mindfulness about posture

Jo's overall knowledge about exercise and returning to it safely postpartum is fantastic!

I feel confident returning to exercise, albeit not my usual workout pre babies, but I feel assured that I'll be heading back into it educated and always remembering to breathe!

I feel like it was all very well organised. Each session we were all made to feel welcome and there was just a general ease about it. I enjoyed how we were able to change things up of required or alter movements to suit ability etc


What next

Simply hit one of the Join buttons on this page, choose the Group Postnatal Recovery Plan on the next page. This will book you in and take you through setting up weekly payments, there's only six spaces available, so don't delay your booking to confirm your spot.

This booking process will also grant you access to the online Program as well as the group chat (available on the app when you use your phone to access), so you can get a sneak peak of all the education right from the comfort of your own home. 

Please also complete this Pre-screen form, so I can learn more about your history and how I can best support your recovery and achieve your goals. 

I will be in touch if needed, otherwise I look forward to meeting you and your little one/s on Wednesday 14th February at 10am at the Kaiapoi Community Centre.

Please note: this info page, booking and payment service is a new system I'm trialling, I would appreciate your feedback if anything doesn't work nicely. Thanks, in advance.

Disclaimer: I recommend you check in with your healthcare provider prior to starting this exercise program. You might also like to consult with a Women's Physiotherapist to discuss your core and pelvic floor function.

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