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Quick links to my free resources that are foundations to effective training for women.

  • To learn how to use your breath effectively to reduce the risk of pelvic floor dysfunction and/or support and heal any pelvic floor dysfunction click here >>>

Welcome to Energised ladies information page.

This information is for ladies in general, it also covers information for ladies exercise during pregnancy and post natal stages of life including pre-conception to prepare the body for pregnancy and post natal refers to any stage in a women's life after giving birth from one week to 10+ years. 

(Ladies who aren't currently in the pregnancy/post natal phase of your life, please don't let that put you off, I can and absolutely will coach you to achieve your goals too)

I provide 1:1 private personal training sessions customised to meet your goals at your current stage in life and  I am currently building online programs  that can be completed in your own home, gym, park etc. Progressions and advanced programs may require some equipment, you will be advised prior to purchase if this is the case. 


Approximately 85% of women have a baby at some point in their life. Pregnancy brings about numerous changes to your body such as hormonal, metabolic and physical just to name a few. Safe and effective exercise and nutrition provides many foundational benefits to yours and your babies development throughout pregnancy and in the postnatal phases of your life. We are not necessarily talking about the types of exercise you did/do prior to being pregnant, however it is important to adapt your exercise regime in these phases to accommodate the changes your body is going through and then safely rehabilitate your body over the 0-6-12 month period post partum to reacquire the full function of your body again. Remember it takes 9 months to grow a baby, be gentle on your body and give it time to heal before getting back into your full exercise regime you were used to prior to pregnancy. 


Pelvic floor and core dysfunction during and after pregnancy and into menopausal years can occur, such as leaking, prolapse, abdominal seperation, or back or pelvic pains. However, it is not normal to suffer from these problems, if you do suffer from such concerns please seek advice from me, your midwife, obstetrician, GP or women's physiotherapist.

Benefits of exercise during pregnancy:

  • Improved strength and posture to accommodate your bodies changes, ie less aches and pains

  • Improved functional strength to function optimally

  • Maintenance and rehabilitation of core and pelvic floor

  • Improved cardiovasular and strength function, therefore improved ability to cope during labour

  • Numerous benefits to your developing baby ie increased supply of nutrients to baby from increased maternal fitness

Benefits of exercising for ladies and post partum:

  • Rehabilitation of your core and pelvic floor function

  • Improved posture and alignment

  • Less aches and pains

  • Improved mental health

  • Improved cardiovascular fitness and strength


Resources and programs available are: (click on them take you to the online program purchase page)


  • Energised pregnancy for birth and beyond - exercise program for pregnancy strength and birth preparation

If you have any special requests for specific programs please send us a message with your thoughts.

Disclaimer: As a pre and post natal trainer, I am not a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist, it is important any core and/or peIvic floor dysfunctions or symptoms are brought to my attention during your training, I am able to discuss these issues with you, we will make adaptations to your program to avoid aggravating factors and I will recommend you seek further assessment or treatment if it is required from the appropriate allied professional. 

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