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Online Energised Pregnancy Exercise

Maintain a healthy and active pregnancy with our expert Pregnancy Exercise program. We focus on functional movements that will help you build strength and stay energised throughout your pregnancy. Plus, with our at-home workout guides and videos, you can stay on track without leaving the house, it's super affordable and you can exercise at a time that suits you.

Pregnancy exercise
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💖 Are you Pregnant? >>> Congratulations

💖 Wanting to prepare your body for an easier birth?

💖Wanting to stay healthy, active and painfree throughout your pregnancy?

💖Wanting to reduce the risk of health complications during your pregnancy?

💖 Wanting to reduce the risk of needing intervention during your labour and birth? 

💖 Wanting to give your body a kick start on healing and recovery time from pregnancy and birth right now during your pregnancy?

💖 Would you prepare for a big life event such as a marathon or long tramp? (Labour and birth can be the equivalent of these big events, a huge and significant endurance event that is life change in many ways)

more to add...


Are you ready to…


✔️ Get excited and prepared for birth?

✔️ Prepare your pelvic floor for birth and a better recovery?

✔️ Feel more comfortable, strong, mobile and connected for pregnancy, birth and beyond?

✔️ Invest in your own long term function and well being?

✔️ Discover the different levels your pelvis needs to move through during labour and birth?

Your pelvic floor muscles, contrary to popular belief, don’t need to be strong for your baby to be birthed, they actually just need to get out of the way, so they need to be able to relax and length, let me teach you how to do this right inside this program.

And your breathing…I’m sure you know can be extremely helpful not only to manage the intensity of your contractions, but using special breathing technique to push your baby out during your 'pushing phase', will reduce your chance of perineal (pelvic floor) injury too, I know you want that. I don’t know how many new Mums I look after on the ward with perineal trauma and injury, who are extremely nervous about this first poo because of their stitches.

Investing in your preparation for birth for just a few minutes for the next seven days will have a long-term impact on your body’s fitness and function, as well as a better birth outcome for you and bubs, so what are you waiting for?

Hey there, I'm Jo!

I’m a postpartum nurse, pregnancy and postnatal coach and personal trainer, and a mum just like you. I have given birth to three baby girls who are now 8, 5 and 2 and oh how different each birth has been!


When I had my first I was completely focused on the birth but had no idea how to really prepare by body for birth and the Emergency Nurse in me wanted to birth at the tertiary hospital 'just incase something went wrong'. I was induced for a small baby but had a pretty quick seven hour labour  sustaining a 3rd degree tear, EEK! I have subsequent long term pelvic floor problems from that birth. Same prep for my second birth, I just went with it, but naturally at the hospital again, episiotomy this time, eek again!


After my second birth, I did a lot of research to help improve my recovery, learnt A LOT about exercise for pregnancy, birth and recovery that I wish I had know earlier and subsequently did more study and became a Pregnancy and Postnatal coach to help educate, support and help improve awareness of safe and effective exercise during these seasons of our life.


For my third much was different in a fantastic way, I did pregnancy safe exercise and birth prep consistently, I had less morning sickness, more energy, and I decided to prepare for birth with an online hypnobirthing program (not airy fairy, it was simply education around birth and breathing and connection exercises). This helped me to understand that labour and birth is a natural process, I prepared my body and confidence and safely and confidently birthed at our local primary birthing centre only 20 minutes after arriving and suffered no tearing, yey! I had a healthy baby and a significantly improved and easier recovery.


So now I'm bringing you a short, simple and achievable version of how to prepare for birth, understand the pelvic and full body mobility that will help you achieve an easier labour and birth, all the stuff that I wish I had known for my first two births. 


As a postpartum nurse who works with women recovering from birth, I see a lot of birth injuries, I know I'm not alone in my birth story and outcomes. Yes birth prep is talked about in antenatal classes and with your OB and/or midwife, but is it on a level that physically prepares you with simple exercises to help you labour and birth more easily?

Now I’ve made it my mission to share what I’ve learnt through my own experiences and working with pregnancy and postpartum women as a nurse and personal trainer. Because implementing some simple exercises can help improve birth outcomes, recovery and help you avoid long-term complications from birth.


I know it can be hard to set aside time to exercise in your busy life, but it's so important to take that time for yourself. That's why I've made this a mini course, short, concise, achievable and effective. After all, your wellbeing, birth experience and future is worth investing in! 

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My Labour and birth prep exercise mini course teaches you simple and effective exercises you need to know and do to prepare your body for an easier and better labour and birth experience

When you join my program, you’ll get:


⭐️ Introduction to the course and the three levels of pelvic mobility needed to birth your baby


⭐️ Two breathing techniques to practice and use during stage one and two of labour plus mobility to help improve your breathing (trust me you'll love this, it feels amazing!)


⭐️ Pelvic floor relaxation guide and exercises


⭐️ Inlet (top of the pelvis) opening exercises to help you baby engage into your pelvis effectively


⭐️ Midpelvis opening and mobilising exercises to help your baby rotate through your pelvis


⭐️ Outlet (the bottom of your pelvis) opening exercises (then you'll meet your baby)

⭐️ Bonus resources and postnatal recovery introduction and discount


Ready to start get prepped for birth and beyond?

Update - Here's what a few postpartum mums have to say about my program...
Young Mother and Baby

Erin Fox

I have used Jo both during pregnancy and postpartum. Jo has helped me safely build strength during these periods both in-person and via her online platform. The online platform has been significantly helpful postpartum when leaving the house can be a challenge. The workouts change week to week to grow with you returning to exercise. Exercising during these periods can be daunting, however, with Jo's skills and knowledge, I have been able to focus on strengthening my body and even reaching my goal of returning to netball.

Fitness Class

Kelly Wiggins

I really loved the program on the app. It was awesome. My toddler did some exercises with me too!

I especially found the squat to sit exercise helpful as I really struggled standing from sitting after birth and I had lost so much core strength.

Playful and Fitness

Michaela Beattie

Before starting this programme I was struggling with core strength to do simple things like stand up out of a chair and, although I was walking, this was limited by pain and heaviness. Both of these issues were fixed within the first two weeks of the programme. I was able to return to running at 8 weeks postpartum which was a big goal for me as I really love to run and find it so good for the soul. Now my wee one is 6 months old and, because of Jo’s online postnatal program, I have built my runs up to 6 km and am continuing to increase these from here. Being fit helps me to be able to look after my baby, helps me sleep, boosts my energy and makes me feel great.


Frequently Asked Questions - update

What’s included in the program? The program includes an exercise plan customised for women recovering from birth to support core & pelvic function. It also includes exercises which help you safely return to impact exercise. You also get access to my online community where you can get all your questions answered and interact with other mums just like you.

How do I access the exercises? Once you purchase the program, you’ll get a login which you can use to access the online platform on the Fit by Wix app or on a desktop via our website.

Can I do this program while I’m still pregnant? This program is designed for women who’ve already given birth. However, you can purchase it early and customise your start date when it is on sale to start after your birth. I’m currently developing a program for pregnant women called Energised Pregnancy, which will support safe and healthy exercise & nutrition during pregnancy.

I’ve just had a baby. When can I start the program? Right away! The Postnatal Recovery Program features exercises that are safe from the first week postpartum.

What equipment do I need? You don't need any equipment for the first few weeks. After that, you’ll just need a some light weights and incline options, but you can use common household items such as chairs, kitchen bench, filled up drink bottles and tinned foods.

What if I have more questions before I sign up? I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about the program! Get in touch with me here.

My Birth Preparation exercise mini course is valued at over $150! 

But I want to make this accessible for everyone. That’s why my Birth Preparation exercise mini course gives you 6 months of access for just $29.95 - that's less than $5/day!


And when you sign up now, you also get access to these exclusive bonuses:


🌟 Postnatal Recovery Nutrition Guide (valued at $97)

🌟 Early Postnatal Recovery guide (valued at $97)

🌟 A introduction to breastfeeding guide (valued at $69)

🌟 Access to a special discount code to kickstart your recovery with the Online Re-energised Postnatal Recovery Program (Usually valued at $179.95)


When you join this mini-course, you’re getting so much more than just an exercise plan. You’re getting access to the information your deserve to know to confidently have the best birthing experience possible, you'll go into it knowing you've done your best to prepare your body for one of the most important events of your life, one that may have a significant impact on your future functioning. 


Ready to get Energised for Labour and Birth

Ready to take the first step in your preparation for birth?

For only $29.95 you get:


✔️ 6 months of UNLIMITED ACCESS Birth Prep exercises mini course

✔️ Guidance on breathing and pelvic floor exercises for better birth outcomes

✔️ Guidance on exercises to prepare and mobilise your body in ways that will improve your labour and birth

✔️ Bonus resources to support you during your birth and postnatal recovery including breastfeeding education

What are you waiting for? Sign up now to start working toward a strong, fit & functional future!

Image by Nathan Dumlao

Disclaimer: I recommend you check in with your healthcare provider prior to starting this exercise program. You might also like to consult with a Women's Physiotherapist to discuss your core and pelvic floor function and prep for birth.

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