Re-energise your core for a strong, functional, fit future!

Designed to help you energise your life as a mum, from as early as the first week postnatal, as you recover from the changes your body has gone through during pregnancy and birth

Did anyone tell you to take it easy, your body has been through a huge change and dramatic trauma during the birth of your baby(s)?


Did they also say, after six weeks you are ok to get back to your normal exercise and activities of daily life? 


Have you had any guidance on how to safely and effectively return to exercise?

Well, not so fast. As a matter of fact, in general us mums are performing movements of daily life including squatting, deadlifting, lifting our baby with one arm and doing chores with the other hand right from the first few days after birth. So in fact a little time spent focusing on gently strengthening your body for these movements is considered safe (you can even prepare for postnatal during pregnancy (check out my Energised Pregnancy program). You won't need any equipment or weights in the first few weeks, just doing the movements can help improve your strength. 

Now what about your core...and your pelvic floor. They have both been stretched and strained to different levels throughout your pregnancy, and whether you had a vaginal birth or c-section your pelvic floor still needs a little love and attention to rehabilitate from the weight of your pregnancy. If you took your pelvic floor for granted prior to pregnancy, maybe now you don't, it deserves some attention and as you age it is likely going to need ongoing attention, so what better time to start learning how, but now?


Do you know what to do? You need to re-connect and learn to activate your deep core muscles to function as your foundation for all of your daily movements and exercise programs. I teach you how to incorporate your breathing, core and pelvic floor connection and coordination into your daily life to energise your life, reducing the risk of long term pelvic floor and core dysfunction or improve symptoms of any dysfunctions you may be suffering from.

In this program we focus not only on core and pelvic floor connection and function, we start with breathing and mobility and work towards including movements and exercises to strengthen your whole postnatal body to really function for you!

It is a progressive ten step/week program full of a variety of exercise programs, pelvic floor and core focus, sessions are between 10--30 minutes including progressive return to cardio starting with low impact and progressing to include optional impact exercise and weekly health habits to implement. There is also an ever growing list of resources with information relevant for postnatal mums including abdominal seperation (diastasis recti), breastfeeding and exercise, return to walking, prolapse, managing wrist pain and pelvic pain during exercise. 

Access: Once, purchased, you will be able to access the program from the login drop down menu under 'My Programs' on your desktop/phone. Alternatively we now have an app with Fit by Wix, if you are on your phone you should get a pop up alert to download the app and you can access the program from there under 'online programs', it's super simple. 

There is also a support group linked to this program where you can comment, ask questions, load videos of exercises with questions etc... so you are not alone on your journey.

Disclaimer: I will always recommend you check in with your healthcare provider prior to starting this exercise program and consider consulting with a Womens Physiotherapist to check on your core and pelvic floor function.

Check out this sneak peak of what's inside....


Ready to Re-energise your body now?