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Re-energised Postnatal Recovery Program

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Designed to help you re-energise your life as a new mum, from as early as the first week postnatal. A specially designed postnatal recovery program to progressively rehabilitate and restore your body's optimal function from the inside out as you recover from the changes your body has gone through during pregnancy and birth. Includes short achievable pelvic floor, core focus, full body functional strength and cardio sessions progressing each week to promote your bodies recovery. There are also multiple resources on common postnatal concerns including C-section recovery guidelines, general and postnatal specific nutritional guides, guidance on how to return to running, impact or higher intensity exercise and much more. So if your wanting to return to exercise or even just wanting to feel better in yourself with some gentle movement, stretches and pelvic floor/core focus recovery then look no further get started here. Access to this program is via our members area on the website or on the free Fit by Wix app. You will have access to this program for six months from time of purchase.

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