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Our Story

Regan and Jo run a small family (husband and wife) owned and operated business, established in November 2016.

Regan and Jo are both Personal Trainers, Regan full-time and Jo part-time. Together they juggle their family and lifestyle while helping others succeed in their health and fitness goals. 

They have three young daughters whom you might see (or hear) now and again if you are training at their studio. 

Regan also enjoys DIY and building projects around the home as well as hunting and fishing. 

Jo enjoys an active lifestyle, juggling family and work life, and also works as a nurse. She has also further developed her interest in health and fitness and has become a Personal Trainer, certified in Pregnancy and Postnatal coaching. 

They have a passion for health and fitness, wanting to live the best life they can, be role models for their kids growing up, and help others live a fit, strong, long, functional and healthy future too. 

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