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Trainer Profiles

Regan Hartley

I am a strong minded individual and I give 100% of dedication to any task I set my mind to. Either all in or all out. This guarantees I will assist you to the best of my ability to see you succeed and achieve the results you are after! 


Favourite Quotes:

If you're not sweating, then you're not training!

Train through the pain or remain the same!



Over 10 years experience in the fitness industry across Australia and New Zealand

Certificate 4 in fitness

Cerfiicate 3 in fitness

Black Belt Seido Karate

First aid and CPR trained

NZ REP's Registered



Fit Boxing/Martial arts. Great for stress release, general wellbeing and weight loss!

Toning/Reshaping specific muscle groups and posture alignment.

Strength/Muscle mass increase. Great to boost self-esteem and confidence!

Sports specific training: will enhance stability and agility, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning for faster in game recovery, and increase speed, power and reaction time.

Sporting Achievements:

Eight years Seido Karate

Five Years premier rugby league for Kaiapoi Bull Dogs

Jo profile_edited_edited.png

Jo Hartley

Pregnancy and postnatal exercise specialist

I am a qualified Personal Trainer who has a special interest in ladies health and fitness, in particular pre and postnatal exercise to optimise and ENERGISE a ladies life. This interest also expands to women in general, incorporating hormonal considerations, flexibility, strength, pelvic floor, balance and other variables that may affect their well-being.

I am also a Registered Nurse so combining health and fitness seems like a logical choice to help others live a health, energised, long, strong and fit life.

I have always had an active lifestyle, enjoying walking and team sports but my real coaching journey all started during my daily walks, pushing my second born in the pram on beautiful autumn days.

I had been researching safe return to exercise postnatally and suddenly it clicked...there was a big gap in the health and fitness industry on safe pre and postnatal exercise, I had to really dig to find it myself, so I retrained as a personal trainer specialising in pregnancy and postnatal exercise to help narrow this gap. 

So I am now on a mission to educate, help and support ladies with

  • health, wellness and safe exercise

  • pelvic floor health, function and inclusion in exercise

  • pregnancy exercise and birth preparation

  • postnatal recovery and beyond

  • thriving during menopause

  • and more...

to help you all live a stronger, fitter, functional and energised life.

Favourite Quotes: 

Get energised for a strong, functional, fit future!

It takes nine months to grow a baby, allow at least 9-12 months to rehab and retrain your body

Once postnatal always postnatal


Bachelor of Nursing 2005, Registered Nurse

Certificate in Advanced Personal Training 2019

REPs registered trainer

Certificate in Pre & Postnatal Coaching 2019

Modern Pregnancy Functional Exercise Prescription 2021 &

Modern Postnatal Assessment and Exercise Prescription 2021

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