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Labour and birth Prep

  • 7Days
  • 16Steps


Pregnant and due to give birth soon? The labour and birth of your baby is one of the most important life events you'll ever experience, it's one that'll stick with you forever and you want it to be a positive experiene and memory right? Prepare your mind and body for labour birth with this quick, easy and effective birth prep program to empower and inspire you to work with your body to birth your baby naturally. Each day you'll get a new short education session and follow along videos that you can repeat daily during the lead up to your birth to help improve your labour, birth and recovery outcome. Build awareness and connection with your body to empower you with knowledge and confidence that you've got this!! Reduce the risk of intervention (forceps and episitomy, suction cup or c-section), pelvic floor dysfunction or a longer surgical recovery during your birth by preparing your body with pelvic mobility, pelvic floor connection and relaxation, breathing and mind preparation. I'm so pleased you have taken this first step to get started on prepping for a positive labour and birth!

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