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Tying Shoelaces
Tying Shoelaces

Ladies exercise 
& Menopause

Wanting to add some more exercise to your life, you know it will be beneficial, did you know that after age 30, women who are sedentary start losing approximately 3-8% of their muscle mass every year! That range is an average - the younger the women the slower the rate. ​

The rate of muscle loss also increased once menopause hits due to a decline in estrogen. Loss of muscle mass affects functions like walking, standing up off the toilet, carrying something from one room to another and getting up after you fall or better still preventing you from falling and injuring yourself. 

This page is a work in progress, more info coming soon. 

Scroll down to download a copy of my free guide to thriving during menopause, or hit the link to contact me for a private consultation to kick start your journey to living a strong, fit, healthy, functional and long life!

Image by Brett Jordan

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